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HOW I GOT CAUGHT-UP IN SUBHOST SCAMMING, PORNSITE LINKING, INTEL AGENCY MONEY LAUNDERING and ALT-MEDIA SCUM [s3bubbleVideoSingleIframe code="aBwOahzPFMyMg" supplied="progressive" aspect="16:9" autoplay="false" download="false" cloudfront=""/] This is a VERY complex...

I spent time today watching some ‘Tubes. This one, and latest from Clif High, both hitting (still) on Corey Goode. At the outset I will say this is fairly good research work by DJ. Clif High’s points related to the screwing of the webbot data with this...

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:18:01 — 53.6MB) Article: Cult of Personality and Disclosure – Moving Out of Deception (The following article, by Christine Anderson of Earth Empaths lays out the chronology and workings behind the Corey Goode...

The first of a series of written interviews; interactions between the author/researcher and myself as we share common interests in the physics, metaphysics, and philosophical implications of “time” as, not a fixed, linear progression, but as a phenomena of mind, consciousness and human intentionality in a liquid medium that traverses dimensions, quantum states, and world scenes. We also invite YOU, the reader to interact with us with questions, comments, and insights.

双盈宝SSP is a psychological operation of deception and mass mind control to PREVENT the humans from discovering real navigation of the celestials, which can be found on the inner dimensions of our consciousness. What is “real” is invented. What is imagined, and navigated is real.

THIS IS THE IMAGE OF A CULT…THE ALT-MEDIA AND “UFO” SCENE IS NOW FULLY CO-OPTED. A VERY dangerous deception is being weaved before our eyes. I spent some time today looking through Corey Goode’s recent materials. To say I was stunned, and...

“Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”- ‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for...

Fiat currencies are SLAVE CURRENCIES. Now, they want to sell you on another system—a DIGITAL (1s and 0s) system that reduces YOUR value to the electrons coursing through an AI blockchain system.

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OUTPOSTS is the archived blog articles that appeared the old OffPlanet Radio site from 2009-2013 

双盈宝by Randy Maugans | Jul 29, 2012 |

The realities about how far the technologies of the mind, and the hardware behind the government-military-intelligence-industrial complex exploits have advanced are obscured by public incredulity. The mainstream media continues to gloss over details, even obscure them from public view—while at the same time serving as the vector for mass programming at the subliminal levels of perception.

…YOU DO KNOW IT WAS ALL SCRIPTED…The Synchronicities abound!

双盈宝 by Randy Maugans | Feb 16, 2013 |

双盈宝“Nice, nice, very nice…so many people in the same device”- Kurt Vonnegut, Jr via 70s rock band, Ambrosia

Threading the needle, connecting dots, the more you see, the more you see: some of this may explain the sudden exit stage left of Pope Ratzinger, and the quivering of thighs in the City of London, as the minions of depravity come undone.

by Randy Maugans | Sep 30, 2012

lThe New Age Deceptions of Channeling as a psychtronic mind control program. The story of Greg Giles and some clues as to WHOM the “Ashtar Command” Really are.

双盈宝…all these other channelers—have been getting voice-to-skull messages sent from decidedly not friendly sources using…psychotronic technologies (much like those used for surveillance of targeted individuals). Yes, spiritual deception is a bitch!

双盈宝Understand: this IS a huge deception grid on the internet, and it truly is a a psy-op within a psy-op. The rest of the blog post goes on to further deconstruct the mythologies of Woo Woo Land, all the while building parallel delusion within the debunking. Poor Greg, he would have been bettered served by a simple confession: “It’s ALL bullshit!”


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